Hip Evaluation Form

The Hip Evaluation Form was designed to evaluate and examine patients coming in complaining of hip pain. The initial evaluation will allow physicians to dictate and document their initial conversation and History of Present Illness. Also included in this form is an X-Ray evaluation section, specifically tailored to the needs of an orthopedic physician and a complete Physical Examination section to detail the findings after the physical examination.


Hip Replacement Form

This form has been designed specifically with Orthopedic Surgeons in mind, with the collaboration of one of the Nation's leading Orthopedic Surgeons. This form includes the following key components:

• Primary Diagnosis
• Surgery Type
• Prosthesis Type
• Surgical Approach
• Type of Fixation
• Approach
• Bone Quality
• Bone Graft
• Collar Seating
• Surgical Time Notation
• Surgical Findings Open Dictation